Short Films

MacBeth (1990)
Inspector Pierre (1991)
Tale of Two Cities (1991)
Runaway (1991)
Murphy’s Law (1993)
Inspector Pierre 2 (1993)
Buffet Rider (1993)
Don’t Islamic Vampire Terrorists Suck? (2000)
Too Young to Kiss (2000)
Don’t Islamic Vampire Terrorists Suck: The Game? (2004)
The Dove (2007)
During the Knight (2007)
Battlestar Gallactica Meets the War Dawgz (2008)
Battlestar Gallactica Return of the War Dawgz (2008)
O.K. (2009)
Mano y Maniac (2011)
How To Kill a Zombie (2009)
Heroic Journey of the Gay Man (2011)
KIII Lego Homage (2011)
Superslacker (2011)
The Strangers (2012)
The Loons (2012)
The Specialists (2013)
The Bender (2013)
Element 13 (2013)
Sloth (2013)
Good, Blind and the Maniacal (2013)
Maniac With the Golden Gun (2014)
Greed (2014)
Gluttony (2014)
Wrath (2014)
Envy (2014)
Glory Rose (2015)
We Need To Talk (2015)
No Righteous Men (2015)
Anti-Freinds Speech GUY VERSION (2015)
Anti-Friends Speech GAL VERSION (2015)
Lust (2016)
Pride (2016)

Feature Films

The Final Limit (1991)
Her Name (1991)
This Is Ponderous (1993)
Right Here Waiting (1995)
Blue Moon (1997)
Tag (1998)
Knight Watchmen (2002)
Barrio Angelz (2004)
Kartel Killer, aka Cartel Killaz (2004)
Shadow Dragon (2005)
Serial Rabbit (2005)
The Bad Mojo Project (2005)
Dawg’s Life (2005)
Tag (2005)
White and Black (2006)
After the Day (2007)
Second to Last Worst Day of My Life (2007)
Ballerina (2007)
War Dawgz: The Motion Picture (2007)
Innocence Saga I: Innocent Killers (2007)
Innocence Saga II: Shadow Rises (2007)
Innocence Saga III: Return to Innocence (2007)
Innocence Saga IV: Never Say Goodbye (2008)
Innocence Saga V: End of the Innocence (2008)
Innocence Saga VI: Easy Way to Die (2008)
Innocence Saga VII: The Desert Rose (2009)
Serial Rabbit III: Splitting Hares (2009)
After the Day 2: Before the Knight (2009)
Innocence Saga VIII: Right Here Waiting (2009)
Green, aka The Green Conspiracy (2009)
Innocence Saga IX: Against the Wind (2009)
Innocence Saga X: Apocrypha (2010)
Bass Reeves (2010)
Second to Last Worst Day of My Life (2011)
VOSOT (2012)
The Benders (2014)
Blow A Kiss (2016)

Web Series

This Is Ponderous (8 eps.) (1998)
This Is Still Ponderous (8 eps.) (1999)
DCTV: Denver’s Crappiest Television (4 eps.) (1999)
War Dawgz (68 eps.) (2005-2010)
War Dawgz News (10 ep)
Froggy Rantz (9 eps.) (2007-2010)
Not-So-Sane Man’s Guide to the Multiverse (7 eps.) (2011)
2 Cobras and a Cup (2014)
What Went Wrong (2015)
War Dawgz (Season 4 – Current)

Music Videos

Rachel Stamp, Do Me In Once Capone, Barrio
Capone, Getaway
Capone, Good Girls
Capone, Por Eso
Capone, Ugly
Capone, Walk Away
A.I.T.F., Block Party
A.I.T.F., Back Door
Dub UB, Last Blood, Last Breath
21 Black, Ain’t Got Nobody
21 Black, It Is What It Is
21 Black, Open the Door
21 Black, Open the Door (Jazz Version)
21 Black (ft. Sally Columbo), Open the Door (Jazz Version)
21 Black, Now Is The Time
Bradley Bates, Little T***y Girl
Breeze, Missing My Homie
Breeze, When We Were Kids
Cornell Cutts, We Ask Not
Cynthia Jones, Gotta Soul
Immortal Soldierz, We Roll
Immortal Soldierz, No Reggie
Jade Esteban Estrada, Bella Moreno (editor)
Jade Esteban Estrada, C’mon Pretty Baby
Kinto Sol, Cuando Sale El Sol (editor)
Kinto Sol, Dejo Mi Huella (editor)
Kinto Sol, Directo Al Grano (editor)
Kinto Sol, El Destino (editor)
Kinto Sol, El Tiempo Pasa
Kinto Sol, Elle Se Fue (editor)
El Chivo, En El Barrio (editor)
Kinto Sol, Esa Es Familia (editor)
Kinto Sol, Estoy En El Piso
Kinto Sol, Frasco Lleno(editor)
Kinto Sol, F.U.C.I.L.
DJ Payback Garcia, Hecho En Aztlan 3 (editor)
Kinto Sol, Kinto Sol No Juega (editor)
Kinto Sol, Lo Que No Tienen (editor)
Kinto Sol, Los Hijos Del Maiz (editor)
Kinto Sol, Mi Pasado (editor)
Kinto Sol, Los Que Peleamos
Kinto Sol, Me Siguen Buscando (editor)
Kinto Sol, Nos Los Jugamos (editor)
Kinto Sol, Pase Lo Que Pase (editor)
Kinto Sol, Perros de Las Calles (editor)
Kinto Sol, Puedo Quedar Sordo (editor)
Kinto Sol, Y Como Yo (editor)
Kinto So, Soy Yo
Kinto Sol, Se Que No Lo Quierres
Kinto Sol, La Antorcha (editor)
Perfect Vision, Come Back Home
SKS, Still Thuggin’
South Coast, You and Me
The Circle, I’ve Been Signed
Tre 7, Rhyme 101
William Taylor, Calling Your Name


100% Movers Affordable Insurance Back Porch
Mack Auto
Cadillac Cowgirls Capone
In My City BHS 2 BHS 2 BHS3 BHS4
Corpus Christi is Awesome!
Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority
B in Touch
B Careful
Just B
Pedestrian Safety 1
Pedestrian Safety 2
Pedestrian Safety 3
Driver Safety 1
Driver Safety 2
Driver Safety 3
Zombie Safety
Driver Safety
Great Place to Work
Office Texters
Last Shopping Day Before Christmas
Islander Shuttle
“Leave it Better”
Alien Overlords
Dinosaur Rampage
Snake Monster
Buc Days
Charm of the Coastal Bend (4)
Computer Outlet
Cort Furniture
Down South Customs
Dueitt’s Automotive
Electric Tan
Jay’s Tanning
King’s Crossing
Member’s First
Need a New Car 1
Need a New Car 2
Need a New House 1
Need a New House 2
Oasis Motors Stargate
Oasis Motors Drowning
Precious Properties
Rack Daddy’s
Sonrisa Construction Southern Careers Institute
Sunrise Mall
Temple: It’s Good to Know (4)
WB Bored Campaign (4)
WB Guy (2)
WB Luau
WB Meteor
WB Reading Club (w/ Gov. Rick Perry) Xtreme Graphics

Film Festivals

Twin Rivers Media Festival, 2007, 5th Place, “White & Black”
Louisville Film Festival, 2010, Official Selection, “Bass Reeves”
South Texas Underground Film Festival, 2011, Winner, “Heroic Journey of the Gay Man” South Texas Underground Film Festival, 2012, Best Director, “The Loons”
South Texas Underground Film Festival, 2012, Best Music, “The Loons”
South Texas Underground Film Festival, 2012, Official Selection, “VOSOT”
Dam Short Film Festival, 2013, Official Selection, “The Specialists”
South Texas Underground Film Festival, 2013, Right STUFF Award, “Sloth”
South Texas Underground Film Festival, 2013, 48cc, Winner, “Element 13”
Twin Rivers Media Festival, 2014, Short Drama, “The Specialists”
Corpus Christi 7 Day Film Festival, 2015, Best Screenplay, “We Need to Talk”
Corpus Christi 7 Day Film Festival, 2015, Best New Team Leader, “We Need to Talk”



  • 1993 San Antonio College, Best Film Production
  • 1993 San Antonio College, Best News Package
  • 2003-2014 Telly Awards (7 Total)
  • 2005 Addy Award (Local Commercial Production
  • 2001-2014 Videographer Award (3 Total)
  • 2007 5th Place (Twin Rivers Media Festival)
  • 2011 Best Local Filmmaker, San Antonio Current
  • 2011 Winner, South Texas Underground Film Revolution Film Challenge
  • 2012 1st Place Haas English Writing Award (Service Learning)
  • 2013 Undergraduate Scholar Award – Media Studies
  • 2013 APTA AdWheels (Print Media)
  • 2013 SWTA Award (Print Media)
  • 2014 APTA AdWheels (Shoestring Campaign)
  • 2014 SWTA Award (Electronic Media)
  • 2014 Twin Rivers Media Festival (Short Drama)
  • 2014 APTA AdWheels (Print Media)
  • 2014 APTA AdWheels (Electronic media)
  • 2015 Hermes Creative Award (Documentary)
  • 2015 Hermes Creative Award (Magazine Advertisement)
  • 2015 Hermes Creative Award (Non-profit Video)


2007 “Master of His Universe,” San Antonio Current
2010 Official Selection, Louisville Film Festival
2010 “First Show Sell Out of Bass Reeves,” The Examiner
2010 “Ponderous Productions movie Bass Reeves,” The Examiner
2011 Best Local Filmmaker, San Antonio Current


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